The book “Retro Chic” was published by Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt publishing house in 2016 with a German sub-title that translates as “From opulent to colourful”. In the book, the author Caroline Clifton provides her personal reinterpretation of retro style. This is reflected in a mix of contemporary elements, vintage pieces and design classics that present 20th century design on 224 pages with roughly 250 colour images. The author shows how old and new can be combined to created a timeless style. She explains the “rules of the game” with numerous colour photos of sample interiors and provides background information to the collections, elements and designers.

Retro ideas to fall in love with

The living spaces shown in the book will make any retro fan swoon, giving lots of interiors ideas to fall in love with. From grand country homes to magnificent townhouses and converted industrial lofts, every single page of the book is an inspiration for readers, encouraging them to place selected pieces in a surprising context. While the first part of the book is all about combining items of furniture, the middle of the book deals with the “love of detail” and looks at smaller objects in retro design style that can be used to add a clever nuance to a room. The last section of the book explains to readers how they can create a harmonious yet exciting atmosphere for different living spaces using a mix of retro pieces and modern elements. “Retro Chic” is an indispensable guide for all retro fans who want to emulate this interiors style within their own four walls.


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