On the occasion of what would have been the 100th birthday of Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass, Phaidon publishing house published a new edition of the popular monograph. It provides a comprehensive reflection on the works of the renowned designer. The book “Ettore Sottsass” shows the versatile designer and presents his industrial design with numerous photos, sketches and designs, also showcasing his work in architecture and graphic design.

Shedding light on the creative periods of Ettore Sottsass

The 492-page book offers design enthusiasts and fans of Sottsass the opportunity to discover the entire work and the biography of the Italian designer. In the 1980s, Sottsass devoted himself more and more to his original profession, creating unconventional architecture with the “Wolf house”. The house was multi-coloured with large balconies, and looked like it was put together by a child at play. His glass and ceramic works highlighted his love for the material and the sensual play with colours as well as his enthusiasm for cultures outside of Europe, the relics of which inspired him to create his striking designs. The book has more than 800 images with numerous biographical photographs and an essay by editor Philipp Thomé, who sheds light on Sottsass’ different creative periods chronologically right up to 2007. Five other texts deal in depth with the respective design disciplines.

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