The Doing – Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 presents award-winning designproducts for your lifestyle and active living. Around 250 winning products of five categories from the annual Red Dot Design Award: Product Design await you in the yearbook. With inspiring images and informative texts you will be guided through the fascinating world of product design in the areas of lifestyle and active living.

Stylish design products for your activities

The Doing – Red Dot Yearbook Doing 2016/2017 compiles the best design innovations and new design developments from the area of activity. On the roughly 550 pages you can find award-winning products for different parts of your life, e.g. for your garden, leisure, sport and play but also for babies and toddlers. In addition the book will introduce you to fashion and lifestyle products with design value.

Design products for active lifestyle

The yearbook is adviseable for everybody who is interested in design with a fascinating overview of current product design. This book is not only compulsory reading for designers, design students, marketing experts or product managers, it is also for those who are friends of good design.

Doing (250 products in 5 categories)
– Garden
– Leisure, sport and games
– Babies and children
– Fashion, lifestyle and accessories
– Watches and jewellery

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