“Schönbär und Nonne” is a book about a selection of indigenous moths I managed to photograph in my garden within a period of four years. It shows the variety of species of these moths under two aspects: their design and their biology. I set up a light in my garden to draw the moths at night. Each animal was then photographed live according to my concept and finally allowed to fly off unharmed.

Colours and shapes, which were purposefully highlighted within a strict photographic concept, give access to moths hitherto unknown as well as to their individual assimilations. Some 900 photographs along with short texts illustrate features also to be discovered on the live animal. An illustrated determination table encourages the reader to start his or her very own discovery tour. The book is meant to be fun and at the same time engage the reader’s interest. Besides imparting knowledge in an aesthetic way, the aim of the book is also to encourage a respectful treatment of nature, illustrate the variety of species and make it comprehensible.

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