ONE NIGHT IN RIO opens the door and offers the fan the view he always wanted. The book impressively documents the decisive hours of the FIFA World Cup 2014TM from the perspective of the German national football team. The camera accompanies the team in front of and behind the scenes on July 13, 2014, during the night of the final in Rio, as well as on the return journey to Germany and the greeting celebration on the “Fan Mile” in Berlin. In addition to the fan edition, there is a premium edition with gilt edging on the ornate slipcase. One week before publication, 20,000 pre-orders had already been paid.

The basis for the book’s design is the corporate design of the German national football team. The team’s color scheme will also be used for the book, but refined with a lot of gold worthy of a world champion. The typeface and layout are consciously kept low key in order to give the pictures the corresponding effect. Many graphic details reflect the chronology of events: The logo of the national team is thus shown first with three stars – only after the 90 minutes of Rio the fourth star is added for the fourth title win and the color of the page numbers changes to gold.

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