For the sixth MYKITA campaign in collaboration with artist and photographer Mark Borthwick, friends, family and models gathered on Lanzarote, an island of volcanic origin surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Mystical moonscapes, rock formations and foreign flora and fauna provided the otherwordly back- drop.
All photographs were captured with Borthwicks trusted twentyfiveyear old analogue Leica camera. The prism-like colour effects created by overexposure of the film are distinctive of Borthwick’s warm, spontaneous style.
MYKITA is publishing these wondrous pictures as an art edition photo book set, featuring the book plus a limited art edition print signed and numbered by the artist. There are three images to choose from, and 33 signed prints of each image are available, making it a total of 99 art editions.
Photographer, experimental filmmaker, and musician Mark Borthwick became
well known for his award winning avant-garde fashion photography in the
nineties when he worked for magazines such as Purple. More recently he
can be found collaborating on films as well as creating site-specific installations of his photographs, mixed with drawings and texts.

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