109 perspectives collected & visualized by Sandra Praun, graphic designer, and Aleksandra Stratimirovic, artist What is light? In an attempt to answer this deceptively simple question we invited prominent and inspiring professionals from the fields of art, architecture, design, literature, film, theater, and photography to share their thoughts on the phenomenon. 109 surprising and beautiful texts, poetic and personal visions, memories and descriptions became our raw material in the extensive work towards creating a complex narrative. Each text, interpreted in its own individual graphic form, stands by itself, but the carefully chosen order opens up another dimension where the texts start to engage in a dialogue with each other. Together they ebb and flow between light and darkness. Without a single image the book is still an utterly visual experience; the words on the page come alive through the choice of graphic elements, typography, paper, and a multitude of different print and bookbinding techniques. Among the contributors: Alberto Alessi, Roy Andersson, Tadao Ando, Christian Boltanski, Chris Burden, Steven Holl, Kram/Weisshaar, Mischa Kuball, Jean Nouvel, Pipilotti Rist, Ulay.

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