Where are we heading to? Design students from the UAS Dortmund and the Dessau Dept. of Design dealt with the (im)possibilities of mobility in times of total networking and constant accessibility. Students went to Dessau and Dortmund, where they held workshops on the subject of mobility. Either as a stranger or a local, the task was to explore and document the city. The focus was set on spontaneity and improvisation. To process the observations, the mobile workstation was equipped with wlan printers and an analog printing press. The resulting works represent each’s subjective perception of the place and reveal how mobile, digital and analog equipment affects design. The trips, workshops and their results were documented in the publication. To pick up the idea of mobile working, it was designed with an email client. The email represents the essence of today’s mobile communication: Any recipient can modify or add to its content, answer, copy or forward it. Thus, the contents of the email can be seen as not fixed. It can be requested at the projects website. Its design adjusts to the recipients technical conditions. The mobile book manifests in various media: mural, book, email.

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