Symrise is one of the largest producers of scents and aromas. More than half of the 8500 employees work on the latter at more than 40 locations in all the continents. They manage to be inspired by the diverse trends in the culinary world, to explore these and to interpret them in a greater industrial scale, so creating aromas, colours and textures. This process is pictorially portrayed in the book ‘What’s Cooking?’, accompanied by in-depth texts over 256 pages. The most interesting stories had to be researched and business segments from sweets to drinks up to pet food were taken into account. Each step of the process had to be documented with the best corresponding example. The stories are written in journalistic style and shown in a reporting way. It originated from about a dozen locations. The layout focuses on diversity and clarity – even with the eight fold-out infographics. The materials such as linen und uncoated paper as well as refinements like hot foil and blind embossing support the design that reaches into microtypographical levels – that is to be expected from this appetite-wetting book.

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