“The artisans of today, are the collective memories of hundreds years of skills.” This second book of ‘Vanishing Series’ is designed to promote the awareness of traditional crafts and serves as a memory project of Singapore. Through this book, we share stories of our few remaining artisans. Importantly, readers are invited to partake as a co-creator. The pages are designed with lots of blank space for their curatorial input, their memory records and photographs of any traditional artisans and vanishing trades from around the world. In order for this valuable history to pass down for generations to come, a children storybook is included to introduce our heritage to the younger generations. The story is based on the intrinsic meaning of ‘adaptable’. Drawn from the long history of traditional woodclay, its use had changed from crafting religious objects to commercialised souvenirs. Woodclay has become one of the vanishing materials after the ban of giant Chinese joss sticks by the Environmental Pollution Control Acts. The story seeks to prime our younger generations to overcome difficult situations, and to make meaningful sense of individual, societal and cultural purposes.

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