Task: Coverdesign for Tim Mälzer’s cookbook »Heimat«. It’s a culinary journey through germany and a declaration of love for the versatile local cuisine.

Idea: We develop the bible of german cuisine, the golden book of our home recipes. And what’s typicallly german? Garden gnomes, the brothers Grimm and also the first printed bible!

Solution: It turned out to be a classic storybook, bound in deep embossed golden linen with a leather spine and a ribbon page marker. Those three elements incorporate the national colours black, red and gold in a playful and subtle way.
As for the design, the book cover is reduced to three garden gnomes holding the Mälzer-typical cutlery like rockstars hold their instruments. They’re surrounded by spikes, hop and malt, cabbage and roots – typically german and still interpreted in a refreshingly new way.

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