The sparks of semantics.
The theory of design as a method of conception.
For a period of two semesters a seminar worked on a congenial enquiry and reprocessing of both research and teaching of Prof. Dr. phil. Dieter Fuder
(1947-2011). The aim was to clarify the metareflexive view of his teaching. The dialogue of text and picture follows a logic which refers to the second view and invites to discourses. The photographs serve as catalysts for broader images.

»visualize what makes you think« Dieter Fuder defined the sparks of semantics, the imaginary significant, as a blank in the image thus challenging the observer‘s process of reflection transcending the mere transmission of information.

Dieter Fuder, Der Funke der Semantik.
Designtheorie als Erkenntnismethodik
hrsg. Irmgard Sonnen / Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, Fachbereich Design
240 Seiten, Format 21 x 28 cm
Rasch Verlag, Bramsche 2013
isbn 978-3-89946-199-2
EUR 30.-

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