With the Design Hotels? Book we strived to produce a publication that breaks from the traditional mold of picture-driven hotel/travel publications. Our approach was to showcase each of our 279 handpicked properties with stunning photographs using a magazine-style layout that best represents the diversity of our portfolio. In addition, through detailed reporting we tell behind-the-scenes stories of the Original hoteliers who brought the properties to life. These exclusive stories detail the passions and inspirations of the hoteliers and how their hotels are shaping their communities. Through these stories readers get a deeper appreciation for hotels and destinations than they would through stunning imagery alone.

The Design Hotels? Book also introduces a classification system to expose and celebrate designers and architects who are greatly influencing design today as well as creating the look of many of the hotels in our portfolio. The Influencers 2015 looks at 10 creative geniuses, including Piet Boon, Joseph Dirand, WOHA, Estudio Campana, Neri&Hu, Autoban, and more. The full scope of the work of these designers is celebrated in both images and words.

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