Making facts fun to read

After almost 100 publications, it was time for a new design, so A.KB has developed one that uses modern technology and low-cost methods yet enables high-level production.
Avoiding heavy text, the new concept conveys information in a stimulating way with boxes, graphics, images and reader-friendly typography. Single-page images structure the content and draw the reader in, while album-like pages feature smaller duplex, colour and monochrome images.
A printing film is used to unusual effect on the title page: leaving the printed surfaces free, it allows a tactile print to emerge. Double-page duplex images serve as endpapers.
As well as fine-tuning, image and cover design and pre-press services, A.KB offers the Institute for Historical Research in Economics (founded in 1950) support in using the new editorial system so it can continue to publish its book series cost-effectively.
The series aims to raise awareness of prominent Swiss figures who have contributed to the country’s economic success. The handy format, engaging style and contemporary design make these factual texts a pleasure to read.

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