Silvrettaseilbahn AG is one of the biggest cable car companies in Austria. In 2014 the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. The book was commissioned to mark this anniversary.
Pursuant to the commission, the book is an anniversary work, however it is not a celebratory work. In the first instance, it is recognition of the accomplishment of the local people who founded this company 50 years ago.
The layout of the book is undeniably a terrain model of the established ski area. Each double-page of the main section illustrates the annual expansion of the ski area during the last 50 years. The ski area has gradually expanded between 1963 and 2014 and this development is made notably clear.
As a reference to the local population, the place names of the Alpine areas originally used for agricultural purposes are written in the designated phonetic script. This phonetic script has been re-worked specifically for the publication.
Place names are etymologically explained. These descriptions are complemented with old historic texts from Alpine books (green headings) and old ski tour reports (blue headings) from the respective regions, in relation to current ski are

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