Telegraphy is the big bang of the internet. Without telegraphy the internet would not have become reality. Internet is so important in our everyday life and we often take it for granted. But adults remember the time before very well whereas children growing up now cannot even imagine how life has been without the internet. The book “kurzkurzlang” (means “shortshortlong”) tells the History of Telegraphy und invites children (aged 9–12) to a journey into the past. It tells the story of the invention of the optical and the electrical telegraphy and the laying of the first transatlantic cable which really was a pioneer adventure at that time when electricity only was a physical phenomenon but not a part of everyday life. Moreover the final chapter of the book shows similarities between ancient telegraphy and the modern internet and there are more than you might think! The book design uses design principles of 19th century: victorian colors, slab serif typography and black-and-white-drawings. These drawings are used in two different ways: As infographics they have the function to explain, as illustrations they convey history in a playful way.

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