The theme for this series of books is a new way of farming, developed by our client Fancom, being ‘iFarming’.
iFarming represents an innovative and sustainable way of farming, which can be practised worldwide. It is based on using modern technology as part of daily farming.
The choice to create a series of books is motivated by sustainability and customer loyalty.
Unlike folders or brochures, fine books are likely to be kept in a bookcase and used as reference books. As a result we contribute to sustainability because there is less wastage of print matter and at the same time our client’s name is regularly seen by the (potential) customer.
The design and use of photographs are focused on the international character of iFarming.
Instead of using primarily technical descriptions we focused more on the benefits for the user.
Photos of international farmers are used to show the benefits of iFarming in daily use by colleagues.
For every new chapter we’ve used a photo of old technique: old technology as the basis for new technology that enables sustainable farming.

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