RITUALS has gained many international relations. Do to this expansion it’s important that the everybody within the company can tell the same story and present RITUALS in the same consitant way

Link Design developed for RITUALS Brand Toolbox in the form of a digital publication for the iPad. All employees who need to tell the story of RITUALS do this using their iPad. The big advantage is that we can show the complete RITUALS brand from within one environment. The digital Brandbook shows all content like; videos, animation, music and graphics. And when we there are changes, or new products in the collection, we can simply update and publish to all ipads. This way everybody always have the latest information .

Besides the extensive iPad presentation, there is a printed BrandBook the outlines the highlights of RITUALS. Nice detail is the binding of the book, there are six color options for the back, referring to the six rituals.

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