With an fast advancement of technology, The traditional paper developments in Taiwan is forgotten gradually. In order to evoke Taiwanese the history memories of the traditional paper, we made this book named “paper story’’. This book is made of many handmade papers including book cover. Each handmade paper is from Taiwan endemic plants and extracted the fiber from the plants through special techniques to make. Each piece of paper represents a local story and Taiwanese landscape. The book is subdivided into two chapters covering, the one is introduce Taiwanese handmade paper industry and the traditional paper manufacturing process, another one is introduce Taiwanese endemic Plants which grew up in different place from Taiwan, for example, Orange Daylily, Silver-grass and pineapple. In the latter, the chapter itself presents full-page landscape photos and special illustrations. In the making process, we deliberately retained the edge of the handmade paper because it’s just like their identity card which can represent their unique. In the end, to let the book have more traditional flavor, we use the copic wire-bound to bind it, and Make the book all belong to ’’paper’’.

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