On 9th November 2012 at exactly 14:47:36 GMT, 5'522 people all across the world posted on Twitter at the same time. By taking this moment as a frame, a connection becomes visible and by preserving it, each participant emerges from the immense volume of anonymous data to become an individual again.

#oneSecond presents this moment, categorized and ordered in four different books. Each book highlights one aspect of every message written, and the author behind it. Aspects like message, color, description and the user's profile picture reveal similarities and connections between different nationalities and subcultures. Combined, the four books provide an insight into each person's life.

The project stops the vast and endless flow of digital data. It creates the possibility of taking a breath and exploring in depth what normally rushes by in a mere instant.

It was created at the HGK Basel, Switzerland as part of the typography class supervised by Prof. Marion Fink.

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