The editorial board of MúzeumCafé, the magazine of Hungarian museums under the editorship of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, launched a series of volumes on the museum profession in 2013. The volumes are non-profit products filling a gap, works containing studies by Hungarian museum professionals, academic staff and researchers.

In each volume the books’ layout artists introduce the work of an artist belonging to the current young generation of typeface designers. We would like to present these designs at an exhibition together with applications. The first volume features the Frustro Outline typeface of Márton Hegedüs (b.1987). The work of this student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts was inspired by the art of Escher.
An important aim with the series of MúzeumCafé Books is to support renewal of the Hungarian culture of books, which enjoys a great tradition, and we hope that our readers also recognize the significance of the quiet yet visible typographical variations that affect a book in its entirety as an object.

The book is printed with the use of FM halftone screening, duplex printing and the application of Pantone Cool Gray 8U and Pantone 805 U direct colour.

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