Design Concept The subject is on purebred dogs, it is our belief that purebred dogs aren’t the most natural nor the most healthy choices. We used picture books and self-assembly toys as mediums to carry our message. The picture books show how dogs were manipulated and transformed by humans and asks whether these dogs can return to their natural environments and survive after humans disappear from the world. In addition, we also hope to provide the audience the chance to assemble the toys themselves, to understand the kind of damage that is done to dogs when assembled Design Features 1.The picture books were made by burning lines onto wooden boards, as a metaphor of the marks humans have left on the life of dogs as a species, marks that have left them with permanent scars. 2.Regarding the transformation of dogs, in order to increase the interaction of the audience with the picture books, a mechanism has been added to help bring the contents to life. 3.By involving the participants with the assembly of the toys, they are able to understand the effect we have had on dogs as a species while also allowing them to understand the difference between disease and genetic conditions.

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