As a 38 year old quarterly of Joongang Ilbo, Moonyejoongang is a lynchpin of Joongangbooks, the Joongang Ilbo’s printing branch.

Moonyejoongang literature magazine’s cover design has been subject to constant renewal since 2012.
Bewteen 2012 fall and 2013 winter issue, its cover design featured abstractive drawing and color matching seasonal sense of each issue. During 2014 the cover design of all issues, especially its main image was changed again, so as to reflect cover designers’ own choice of cover story in each issue.

Poets Series of Moonyejoongang has also been subjuct to cover design renewal after 31 volume in 2014, purporting to “visualize poetry into image,” a work of cover image making reflecting designers’ own thematic choice of poetic image.

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