Graphic project for Book. “Are printed books dead?”. If you mean a paper text-block binded by a cover, things may look bad. But what if you pose a different question, “what actually is a book?”. That’s where Lululux begins. A 34 part written fictional narrative, unbound by fixed structures, but rather spread across a narrative dining set. 20 napkins, 06 placemats and 08 coasters, each silkscreened with one of the 34 fragments, creating a multiplicity of reading possibilities. Read it sequentially, one format at a time, or if books aren’t your thing, set the dinner table. An amusing, and quite humorous, game of re-signification that questions our very perceptions — breaking down paradigms and the conventional barriers commonly put up between written and visual narratives, by using design as a true transformative element of the reading experience. Lululux was produced in a limited print-run of 600 numbered copies, nested in a wooden box.

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