The Synod is the parliament of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and one of the three governing bodies of the EKD. The synod usually meets in November each year and – among other decision fields – always has a main topic. In 2014 this read: “Communicating the Gospel in a Digital Society”. The 126 synod members receive a reader in advance with which they can prepare for the main topic of the upcoming synod.
The design concept thrives on the tension between the digital-technical topic and the analog form as a practical guide. The Garamond font guarantees readability while the Courier font appears digital.
The layout creates a “network structure” in an actually linear product. Many content levels – optically very clear guided (colors, icons, “breadcrumbs” in the section titles), yet interwoven:
– Four main chapters with different topics, several texts on these topics.
– References to glossary terms, to other texts in the book or links to the web in the sidebar.
– Important element: questions at the end of many topics are to stimulate the discussion.
– Between Chapters: Practical examples show the already existing ranges of church-related services.

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