Creative cooking with instructions

Those who enjoy exploring their creative side and experimenting in the kitchen will tell you that you can do so without the need for any instructions. Lots of star chefs are sure to agree. So should we simply forget about cookbooks, disregard measurements and just start to cook?

It’s certainly a promising approach that gives everyone the freedom to be creative. And the result is a little surprise for the taste buds every single time. It also depends a little on each individual’s natural talent for cooking. Some people can conjure up a top-notch 3-course meal without any prior experience in the kitchen, while others cannot put a decent meal on the table even after hundreds of attempts. Consequently, a cookbook with ingredients lists, measurements and recommendations can be helpful to many. Once the basics of cooking have been learned and mastered, it is automatically possible to get more creative each time. Often, we don’t have all the ingredients and spices on hand that are recommended for preparing our favourite meal. In such cases, we need a little courage to use alternatives to substitute the ingredients recommended in the cookbook. It still tastes good, sometimes even better.

A cookbook for confident cooks

For all those who like to cook confidently yet creatively, Red Dot 21 recommends the cookbook “Komm du mir nach Hause” by Lotta Lundgren. With visually stunning images, the author presents unusual recipes that will make your mouth water. Like the title of the book, the pictures are aesthetically pleasing and provocative at the same time. The book is aimed at the modern, confident wife who swings her cooking spoon like a sceptre in the kitchen and has the aforementioned courage to improvise along with lots of sex appeal. The recipes are supposed to act as an incentive to reinvent oneself when cooking. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want “a little more” or “a little less”, based on their personal taste. Curious? Then simply try out a recipe from the cookbook “Komm Du mir nach Hause” for yourself.

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