The project aims to produce a spectacular new recording of Haydn’s symphonies and to create multi-media links with other disciplines, thus generating new synergies which draw in music-lovers, but also musicians, conductors, concert promoters and orchestras from all over the world. The project would like to see the recordings and concerts unleash a fresh exhilaration for the composer’s music, and open the eyes and ears of a wide public to the important contribution made by Haydn’s symphonies in the evolution of music. As part of a media partnership with the respected agency Magnum Photos, some of the top photographers of our time will be producing series of images for each of the projects, which will find inspiration both in Haydn’s music and in the respective themes. Haydn2032 also works with contemporary writers, who will produce short literary visions in which they muse on the significance of Haydn in the present day and age. The medium which concentrates these three disciplines is the yearly published collector’s edition.

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