‘Gebrochene Poesie UCKERMARK’ was produced collaboratively by poet Manuela Busch, photographer Frank Wiemeyer, architect and editor Alexander Scholz, Stephanie Mieseler and the designer Susanne Weigelt.
The architectural grid of each photograph underlies the text on the opposite page so that even the poems reside on the dominating terrains of Uckermark. The handmade special edition enhances the original concept with texts and grids beautifully hand-printed in two colors. The photographs are inserted into elegantly designed passe-partout sleeves.
Uckermark, in northeast Brandenburg, may be one of Germany’s poorest regions, but it is also a holiday paradise. Here ‘Soziale Tristesse’ contrasts with a sublime, almost surreal, landscape. The authors, who themselves live and work in Uckermark, depict this place, its villages and people, with the utmost respect and sensitivity, almost as if it were an ancient monument.

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