Gärten des Jahres 2017 (“Gardens of the year 2017”) is the book to accompany the competition for Germany’s best residential gardens and is published by Callwey Verlag. With detailed garden plans and sketches as well as colour images and details on the special aspects of the plot, the reader is introduced to the garden concepts that have made it onto the winners’ podium. The book documents the competition of the same name, where landscape architects, garden designers and garden and landscape artists are invited to submit their concepts for designing private gardens together with the plans. A respected jury awards the best garden projects from the impressive diversity of the gardens participating in the competition.

50 unique gardens featured

Over 272 pages, this opulent coffee table book showcases the 50 nicest residential gardens in a unique garden ‘portrait’. The decisive factor for the expert assessment during the competition is how the individual components, which must be well planned, work together. The elements considered start with the materials used and the plants selected right through to the individual style of the respective garden owner which is integrated in the garden planning. The result is unique garden portraits that will give hobby gardeners adequate incentive to follow suit. Gärten des Jahres 2017 is an indispensable book and a wonderful source of inspiration for your own garden design.

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