Have fun with Taipei night markets! The theme, having fun with Taipei night markets, conveyed the unique and rich feature of Taipei night markets. People can experience the richness of night markets ‘hrough tasting different kinds of delicacies. Another thing we must do at night market is to explore the diversity of local culture through strolling at those tortuous and narrow alleys. Night markets presents a string of real life style of Taipei. Almost needs and wishes can be found and satisfied at night markets, for example, food, snakes, clothes, shoes, artworks and so on. The best thing of night market is that people can purchase nice products with reasonable price. Moreover, the current phenomena we can obviously observed is that the element of arts has involved in night markets. We can notice that there are many stall selling hand-made products or cafe shop integrating with mini art exhibition display. Night markets is vividly presented the life style of Taipei in all aspects. Night market is a hot place where people can’t miss it when you were in Taipei. Enjoy the food feast and diverse cultures here.

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