The book “Enduring Values” developed on behalf of the Gübelin Group’s 100th birthday of Dr. Eduard J. Gübelin by the Vetica-Group. Explores through the design of this book a gemmologist’s world rich in contrast. With a collection of photographs in 13 chapters a rich portrait is drawn preserving and honoring E. J. Gübelin‘s heritage within the Gübelin Group. Through a biographical approach it describes this pioneers life and passions from rough gem mining to laboratories and jewelry ateliers.

Each chapter opens with a portrait of E. J. Gübelin’s life designed with a trimmed by ArjoWiggins “Curious Matter” cover page which then reveals the introduction text. In the middle of each chapter there is a section for a story by a collegue, friend or family member. This treatment is repeated throughout the book.

These special trimmed “Curious Matter” introduction pages are made from potato starch. It’s rough texture symbolizes the gem stone’s rough un-cut origins from the mine. Each chapter is also bound by the “Curious Matter” sheet which is surrounded by a Pantone Metallic spread providing a iridescent realm referencing the world of jewelry and watches.

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