In Buddhism, it says that “If people died, they will reincarnation be a baby” . That means the life is cycle, we will died but we would have another new lives somewhere. I think “Circle” is the best explanation of “Cycle”. In this product, I used three kinds of style to describe different stages of the common life and I separated three parts in life:”The stage of Absorb”, it’s from birth to eighteen, the period we should absorb nutrition and knowledge; the next stage is about “Pursue”, the age of 18-55. The last is “Memorized & Peaceful” stage. As the first page, it’s a fertilized egg in the womb, and there is a paint about the bone ashes(in Buddhism, some people’s ashes will become to the “Sarira”, which is a crystal made from ashes) at last. It’s a completely cycling circle. The second page is a baby in the abstract hands, the right side hand is representing the hand-of-mother. Mother’s love is as the land, which can be providing nutrients to the young. And father’s love likes the vastness of ocean. I put the works into the film, when reading it, it can be the albums or a painting album. It’s a book or an album of memories.

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