Puritan design >>> Absorbed Content <<< Focusing attention A monument has been inaugurated at Eötvös Loránd University in memory of university staff and students who fell victim to the anti-Jewish laws, the Holocaust and World War II. Names in Mortar Joints is a 200-metre bronze strip in a brick wall with 198 names. The black volume Carved Names contains lectures given at a conference related to the work. Its puritan appearance represents the humility of science, the force of concentration and the calmness of thinking. The designer draws attention to the content with the dispensability of design. A single font and size are used. The homogenized typography is a metaphor referring to the destruction of diversity. The absence of typographical variety is a symbol of the destroyed individual and the personality deprived of happiness. The graphic designer’s space experiment is a response to the architectural space experiment. The typographical silence represents loss and unborn works.

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