On the occasion of Mutabor’s 20th birthday, we made a book about Mutabor Designs genesis, we are telling the story about how the internationally recognized design agency Mutabor was born and where everything began—the room C20 at Muthesius Art School in Kiel. This is where the Mutabor magazine was first delivered and where 10 creative people met 20 years ago.

The book C20 revisits the place and moment, celebrating the people behind Mutabor’s success. It’s divided into two parts: The first part is printed on rough paper and tells the story about room C20: how the room looked like, how it felt to study graphic design in the 90s without internet, who worked there, and how the Mutabor magazine was made—that was also distributed by the Gestalten Verlag – 20 years ago. The complete text is a collage of original interview and quote material. Additional are shown all sides of Mutabor design magazines in this book.

The second part, printed on glossy paper, introduces the ten creatives who met in this room and their own life journey until today.

The whole book was printed and made at the Muthesius Art School in Kiel.

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