Based on the strategy and values of object furniture manufacturer Brunner, the book entitled “Being Brunner” provides insights into the way Brunner’s owners and employees think and act.

With texts highlighting the company’s product philosophy, corporate culture, achievements and performance. With double-page pictures providing visual evidence. In this respect, the book may be read end to end just as well as by picking out items of particular interest at any given time. Each double page spread (excepting the appendix) has the visual power of a print ad. The graphic structure follows the Brunner corporate design, but with slight variations in the interest of even more striking effect.

Even at first glance, the format, cover, paper and binding of this image book clearly set it apart from traditional company brochures – expressing and ascertaining the Brunner brand’s discerning claim to product design, quality and workmanship. What is more, “Being Brunner” is a long-lasting, high-quality printed object which demonstrates the power and the value of analogue media in a time in which standard communication is increasingly moved to digital channels.

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