Their favourite meal is „Wiener Schnitzel“, for dessert they prefer „Sachertorte“ and they fancy drinking beer and wine – epicures from the Alps wearing „Dirndl“ or „Lederhosen“ philosophising about the good old days of Austrian emperors Franz an Sisi: that is what the typical Austrian is like. But how is he really like? Which cultural prejudices and stereotypes are true? What is the essence of Austrian mentality? The book presented by Anna Frohmann seeks to scrutinise those questions with the help of representative studies. Even though the results might not suit each Austrian, the analysis of geographical and demographic data can make a general statement on the self and the public image as well as the culture and mentality of the Austrians. With the help of infographics and illustrations created by the author herself an additional information level is formed, which supports the text in an entertaining manner. The aim of this paper is to appoint the identity-forming factors of Austrian culture and to create a realistic image of the Austrians, beyond the cliched stereotype. The book was created as a bachelor thesis for Information Design at FH Joanneum Graz, Austria.

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