Chinese Medicine, one of Chinese preserved cultural assets, can adapt inter-changes through seasons, five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys) of human beings, and environments by varies of medicine. Western medicine treatment may solve disease faster but also cause burdens for human body, and indirectly cause Chinese Medicine vanishing gradually. “Aqua Buddha” is the healthy drink which fits perfectly with modern people’s need. Our core concept is “Medicine is tea; tea is medicine.” It doesn’t take lots of time to cook the Chinese medicine. The way to keep body healthy is simply by drinking tea according to the changes of four seasons. We follow the idea of “preservation” by using mold filling and specimen box, in order to present the precious value of declining Chinese Medicine. Along with four kinds of tea papers made for the needs of human kind in four seasons, we expect the appearance of “Aqua Buddha” can bring the habit of health-preserving and keep away from medicine, from season to season.

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