What is essential for a place to be considered “Home”? How can we create a living space of our own? The Chinese title of the book, literally means a livable house, is named after a house that artist Suk Ki Wong found on the way in Hong Kong that inspires her to ponder what is so-called life. “A Living Space” is an art project, which aims to explore the intrinsic quality and possibility of life through a range of observation, exploration and research. Wong came upon this well preserved Hakka Village by chance when she was wandering around Pak Sha O, Hoi Ha in Sai Kung area one time. She discovered that, under the roof of these traditional Hakka style houses, there live a group of foreigners who re-decorated the interior in Modern English style. The area was filled with a relaxed sense of living. Built and abandoned by Chinese and now being taken care and fully utilized by foreigners, this village brings together the old and new, the east and west, the contrast and harmony. Wong then formed a creative team, continuously looking for the former and current residents of Pak Sha O, interviewing for their stories.

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