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Creative theories for the deeply relaxed.
Germany’s first fictional non-fiction book on creativity.

What makes a creative mind tick? What happens to our brains when we experience a Eureka moment? What fuels our imagination? And why do bad ideas stick in our minds so persistently?

Jochen Klein and Stefan Wolf, two advertising creatives, set out on a journey to learn more about creativity. After 20 years of the advertising dog and pony show, they have accumulated their experiences, insights and assumptions to create a literary work that should be taken – or read, in this case – with a grain of salt.

Germany’s first fictional non-fiction book on creativity is published by Hundert Grad Kommunikation and promises to grant access to the daily fun, games and madness of an advertising creative – an entertaining insight into the challenge of finding ideas without losing yourself, and more intriguing anecdotes.

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