This impressive coffee table book by author Paul Levitz was published by Cologne-based publisher Taschen and invites readers to immerse themselves in the colourful world of comics. With more than 2,000 images, it is the most comprehensive book out there on DC Comics. “75 Jahre DC Comics” is a new publication of the original edition “75 Years of DC Comics” published in 2011. The new edition features a more compact design, with high-quality paper and a 60-page accompanying booklet with the English texts translated into German, French and Spanish. For the new edition of this classic book, the covers and interiors, original illustrations, photographs and film stills as well as collectibles were rephotographed and arranged in an easy-to-read and wonderfully colourful layout.

Superman the focus of DC Comics

The star of the publishing company and of the entire genre is Superman, and his success is analysed in detail in the book. But the slightly less well-known comics are also given their place. The timelines presented in the book summarise the development of the genre with great precision, giving all comic fans an indispensable overview of various development phases. In particular thanks to the film format on cinema screens, the comic heroes have become a fixed component of a global pop culture. Everyone knows Batman and Superman without ever having set foot inside a comic store. Alongside Marvel, this success is thanks to DC Comics publishing company, which was founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1934. Levitz has played a decisive role in the current popularity of the superheroes and the lasting enthusiasm for the comic stories, as he was the one primarily responsible for adapting the stories for cinema and TV. An impressive book on the history of comics.

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