“100 Foodblogger haben wir gefragt” (“We asked 100 food bloggers”) is a one-of-a-kind cookbook that introduces 100 recipes by 100 bloggers to fit every season. The unique idea for the book belongs to editor Simone Goller, and stems entirely from the fact that many bloggers on the food scene have now become very well known – nowadays they are seen as the new trendsetters. The passion with which they approach culinary specialities is unique, and it is this passion that inspired Ms. Goller and her team to take a closer look at the best food blogs.

They searched through more than 1,600 German-language blogs in the quest for suitable recipes. 100 of those recipes made it into the cookbook. The aim was to put together a colourful mix of recipes which together encompass all four seasons of the year. These range from warm asparagus & bread salad in spring and Baileys & mascarpone crispy ice cream in summer to goat’s cheese tart & grapes in the autumn and ginger cookie & cherry cake in winter.

Recipes from successful food bloggers

The result is a wonderful recipe book that moves away from the norm to present a style that is not uniform or consistent but that instead bears the typical signature of each individual blogger. In addition to the mouth-watering photos and a list of ingredients including cooking instructions, the book briefly introduces each blogger together with his or her blog. The four seasons are grouped thematically in the book and classified by colour. Filled with carefully chosen photos and a love of detail, this book will make your mouth water and make you want to try out the recipes for yourself.


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