Digital media have changed the way we consume informations. News and stories are presented in small, mostly unconnected pieces. These circumstances provide a new chance and value for traditional models of narration. The catalogue provides questions about the use of dramaturgy as a design method. The catalogue is built on different dramatic rules, combining epic and dramatic models of narration with traditional editorial design. The catalogue uses six visual experiments to transform narrative structures from literature, theatre and film into editorial design. Every chapter visualize the story The city from H. Hesse using abstract photography. Every chapter based on another narrative structure, like the classical drama, the epic theatre and the Möbius strip. The catalogue provides informations about the topics narration, dramaturgy and montage and connect these with a broader context of communication design. The book encourages readers to think about traditional and new ways of structuring informations. The use of different paper weights invites the reader to experienced the model of dramaturgy in a way that cannot be achieved by a digital medium.

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