STICK IT OR KICK IT will give a structure to your daily life. Not by presenting grey theory, but in an immediately practical and playful way. Based on a method. This marvellous self-organizer was conceived as a teaching aid for “Eisenhower’s principle”. The idea is that everything you have to do is assigned to one of four categories, in order to set priorities: from “urgent and important” to “not urgent and not important”.

The organizer allows an immediate application of this principle. It is a planner in pocket format, closed by a rubber band. If opened, all four categories are displayed in the form of four key visuals which fold out. Adhesive notepads are under each folder. This makes it easy to note and allocate your assignments quickly. And what is really marvellous: Humorous illustrations show fabulous creatures which you will like and which tell a “story” for each category, inspired by phrases like “overcome your inner beast”, “scapegoat”, “sloth” and “making a monkey of yourself”.

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