ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is a company that has a high reputation in Duisburg and Essen. They can retrospect long traditions and trusted processes. With every year, steel product innovations proceed and the demands of the distributors, clients and employees increase. Since many years now, the company releases a decorative calender that communicates sequences of the production process, the steel product “coil” or the company in general. In 2015 the subject Yesterday – Today was asked to be staged. After a creative process for finding a title and an idea for the realisation, the months were communicated by two overlaying sheets: one colourful 4c motive of today’s production process and a foil screening “Yesterday” with a black and white raster. Both images overlapping create a new look and Image.The combination of two printing processes, the close cooperation of the traditional in-house printers with an external printhouse, the haptical and optical experience by the effect of the overlay was an innovation for the distributors, resulting in another requirement of more calendars than usually distributed and demanding an additional production.

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