’s 2015 Calendar is full of beautiful and special pictures. Surprisingly, these pictures have been painted by children with physical or mental ailments such as autism, ADHD, hearing impairment and children from multi-cultural families. Although these children may find it difficult to express themselves in words or actions, they convey their thoughts and feelings through their pictures. For these children, art is the one and only language in which they can communicate with others. The Calendar will serve as another window of expression through which the children can express their dreams and joyfulness. The yellow background color which helps the children’s pictures to stand out was used as the key feature of the Calendar’s design. The yellow color represents the bright and warm hearts and minds of the children. Also, as the texture of the paper reminds one of a canvass and its color gives off a warm feeling, it goes along with the naturally expressed pictures of the children. The child artists : Seong-Hyeok Kim, Ho-Seok Yeon, Sang-Hoon Kim, Hui-Jae Kwon, Ji-Won Yun, Gi-Jeong Kim, Hui-Su Kim and Ye-Jin Kang

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