We want to reignite the passion for writing, drawing and sketching. But it is not always easy to be inspired by a blank page. Who hasn’t experienced the dread of the white page at least once before!
The nuuna inspiration books ask for drawings across cloudy images (Cloud Book), atmospheric landscapes (Mood Book) or fully coloured pages in various Pantone shades (Bloom Book). The Pure Book contains structures inspired by nature in the style of the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic. You can follow the lines and structures or draw against them, discover simple shapes or invent new ones, become more abstract or even more concrete. The Fluid Chrome series tries to break away from the typical book shape. These books seem like holographic, chrome metal blocks. With the addition of rounded edges, this finish is highly challenging to achieve. The subject of digital versus analogue inspired us to design the Voyager series. Smart phone and pen can be attached to the book in an instance. Everything is immediately at hand instead of loose in your bag. All nuuna notebooks are exclusively produced in Germany.

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