Healthy Scheduler for Healthier People

Enzaim, a healthcare marketing communication consulting company, focuses on Health, so we need a specially designed scheduler that includes domestic and international health related days and information. With our planner, business efficiency improved and employees are taking care of their health as well. There are few things that make the scheduler special. 1) 64 health-related days such as World Asthma Day are marked, helping employees manage client projects effectively & efficiently. 2) Seasonal disease info and health tips are included to help consultants have a healthy office life. Additionally, each month in the scheduler is associated with its own theme fruit and employees are provided with the theme fruit. Monthly posters with seasonal disease info and stretching guides were also produced as part of the benefits program. We share the health planner with our clients, reinforcing the image of our company as one that focused on healthcare and the health of our clients’ brands. Enzaim has worked more than 10 years in accordance with our company’s motto, healthy people for a healthier world.

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