We have designed a diary of the ‘evezary’, the Korean brand exclusively manufactures bedding products.
The theme of the diary is called as ‘once again, evezary 2015’.
The ‘evezary’ always carefully considers about beauty and sound sleep. In addition, it constantly takes the lead on the protection of the environment.
Therefore, we suggest this special design theme which clearly reflects the corporate identity. Further it supports the corporate’s action on protecting the environment. The cover of the diary is made of recycling the fabrics extracted from the actual bed linens.
Therefore, all of the covers are produced with very different patterns, which makes every one of them splendid, distinctive and unique. The interior design of the diary is easy to use by the simple design, yet modern. Also, the diary is elaborated by containing relative helpful information about the environmental protection on monthly pages.
The diary is a masterpiece which well-describes the corporate identity and its strong will on protecting environment.

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