Every day, things occur in living rooms, offices and on street corners in Germany that reflect the dark side of reality: sexual innuendos and humiliation, as well as physical and sex-related violence. These assaults leave deep scares in the souls of the affected women. However, they leave barely a trace in the official statistics. Owing to feelings of fear and shame, and the desire to play down what happened, most of the incidences remain in the dark.

How can the public at large be made aware of how the reality really looks for those women in Germany who have experienced such offences? With a calendar that also shows the dark figures: Every month, the registered facts pertaining to the topic sexual and physical violence against women are initially revealed, but only by daylight. When, however, the lights are switched off, a second typographical level printed in noctilucent ink reveals the dark figures that do not find their way into the official statistics.

With the calendar in 2015, the association is seeking to target, first and foremost, institutions, opinion makers and the press. At these central social interfaces, the aim to create awareness that we should all take a closer

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