For 5 years CBI Consult has been creating a unique products for “ARMZ” – corporate calendars that left behind world analogs by its artwork and technique. Why did we choose this form of communication as the most suitable and mainstream?

Calendar is an image-building product so it is better if it mirrors the core idea of positioning of the Company not in a straight forward way but indirectly raising global subjects of social evolution calling up on visual constants that are clear and shared by business society. In a way, the calendar is a final document reflecting on a past year of company’s operations. The subject of this year’s intellectual reflection and concept solution is a theme of transition to the next level of evolution: “Deified Level”, reaching of the divine absolute.

Turning photos of stone ore into ornamental patterns starting from natural texture, we managed to create a visual space, full of multiple meanings, offering the viewer to get into the world of their own reflections. The company’s philosophy, presented in a fashion style (optional calendar includes handmade scarf) became an effective and innovative solution.

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